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The Central California Land Trust will create and preserve housing in Fresno, stewarding community ownership, and ensuring permanent affordability, long-term stability, and access to wealth-building in neighborhoods historically torn apart by displacement and disinvestment. 

Across California, the US, and internationally, community land trusts are an established tool for securing and sustaining affordable homes and other assets—like community-owned businesses, urban gardens, and playgrounds—that any community needs. Local governments across the US have either partnered with or established community land trusts as a key tool to cultivate neighborhood investment, and to create permanent affordability in a way that preserves public investment over the long term.

Central California Land Trust was established in 2017 as a community land trust program of Fresno Habitat for Humanity. Now, CCLT has emerged as an autonomous entity, re-activated as a crucial tool to address specific challenges in Fresno housing. 

Our goals include: 

  • The acquisition and preservation of affordable rental housing

  • Foreclosure prevention and intervention; affordable homeownership

  • New construction on land held in trust 


As a community land trust, the way we do things matters. Our approach includes:

  • Community Controlled Land and Housing

  • Resident and Community Voice and Vote

  • Support for CDC Neighborhood-Based Efforts


To learn more, see our Vision Statement, or scroll down to watch a video about CLTs.


A Basic Overview

Many ask the question, "what is a Community Land Trust?" Its conceptually simple and has proven to be successful across the world. Watch the short video below to discover the benefits of the CLT housing model that stands the test of time.  

The Central California Land Trust is a California 501(c)3 not-for profit organization (Tax-ID #35-2585880)

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